Implementation of new & emerging technologies

AddinSolutions, Inc. does exactly what the name implies. We add-in innovative solutions to make your processes more efficient and your corporation more competitive.

AddinSolutions, Inc.'s main office is located in Coral Springs, Florida. We assist businesses to refine their operations, swell their profitability, and advance their performance. We accomplish this by analyzing current system setup and application use, highlight areas to improve, and deliver a solution for the whole office.

AddinSolutions, Inc's expertise lies in developing a solution custom tailored for each business. Each customer's requirements are different and we identify the best tools and technologies to use. We partner with hardware providers, telco specialists, hosting services, credit card processing companies, and accountants. We work diligently, side-by-side with our clients and their existing vendors to guarantee their complete satisfaction. We document all of the work with detailed data flow to identify each component, sequence, and relations that make up the whole program.

Most of our work entails writing custom applications to extend off-the-shelf products' features, and/or to build an interface to. We utilize today's most demanded programming languages such as C#, Visual Basic, and MS Visual Studio.NET. We employ SQL (for larger) or MS Access (for smaller) database technology to make the design as effective and functional as possible.

Most customers' knowledge is initially limited and we openly discuss technology, share our knowledge with staff, expand their ideas, and develop custom applications that significantly enhance their day-to-day operations. We continuously examine numerous off-the-self applications to understand how we can expand their capabilities and improve processes. We aim to combine the functionality of multiple systems to reduce maintenance costs and allow for better data flow.

We have written custom applications and improved efficiency with our customers using medical billing applications like Lytec, MOS, and SoftAid; synchronized data between accounting packages like Microsoft Small Business Accounting, QuickBooks, Timberline, and others. Almost every application out there uses some form of SQL and we can extract the information to create custom reports, or push and pull data from other applications to eliminate re-entry of the same data.

Our services are open for all types of organizations.
Our professional staff are available 24/7. Come join us in our evolution.
We are continuously in search of better and more effective ways of doing things.
We proudly participate in Broward County's Adopt-A-Street Program to help keep streets litter-free.
We have proudly donated over $1,600 to various organizations like Margate Baseball Team, World Wildlife Fund, Sawgrass Nature Center, J.P. Taravella Band, Ramblewood Elementary PTA, etc.